100 Years Photo Gallery

100 Years Photo Gallery

100 Years WA Anniversary

December 2023 marks the 100 Years milestone of when women won legislative change removing barriers to being admitted and to practise law in Western Australia. This significant milestone would not have been possible without the courageous work of pioneering women who have gone before including Edith Cowan, as Western Australia’s first female parliamentarian who led this legislative change in 1923.

In May 2023 as part of Law Week, the Law Society joined forces with Women Lawyers Western Australia to mark this milestone at the Long Table Lunch Live. Welcoming over 250 members of the legal community at Frasers State Reception Centre in Kaarta Koomba (Kings Park), the afternoon heard from some strong and insightful voices who shared their personal insights on what it is to be a woman in the law today.

To mark the 100 year anniversary, the Law Society created the #100faces100years campaign. A callout was made for all women, who have been admitted to practise law in Western Australia, to submit their photos for inclusion in a special anniversary photo gallery. Below are photos received to date which showcase the diversity and talent of women who have provided a voice and contributed to the legal profession. If you would like your photo included on our website, the only criterion is that you have been admitted to practise law in Western Australia. We welcome photos from all women who fit this criterion. Please email membership@lawsocietywa.asn.au to submit your photo.

Hover on the photos below to see some of the women who have been admitted in Western Australia and who make up our profession, both past and present.

100 Years WA

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Lauren Kollosche

Lauren Miranda

Catriona Macleod

Lisa Roche

Angela Howie

Miriam Sauley

Shumi Tsungu

Lisa Smith

Verginia Serdev-Patterson

Cathryn Urquhart

Katy McDougall

Kate Offer

Ruth Livingstone

Amanda Mitchell

Kendra Hagan

Melissa Evans

Fiona Calley

Madeleine De Leo

Maria-Luisa Coulson

Libby Fulham

Justice Jenni Hill

Lauren Howard

Satjinder Kour

Jaime Lee Richardson

Chantelle McGravie

Isabella Mocerino

Amanda Patterson

Mintie Tantiprasut

Michelle Osullivan

Elizabeth Osullivan

Jessica Oneil

Sophie Manera

Roselina Kruize

Meredith Hunter

Nano Healy

Catherine Fletcher

Elizabeth Clarke

Jocelyne Boujos

Erin Blight

Cheryl Chan

Chelsea Yates

Melissa Raftis

Michelle Sims

Justice Jennifer Smith

Amanda Liston

Belinda Moharich

Donnelle Hestelow

Aisyah Ishak

Keera Lambert

Alicia Rabin

Jasmine Sims

Jessica Patterson

Sara Leddin

Ursula Stevens

Janie Plant

Felicia Poh

Hayley Reeve

Melissa Milne

Kaday Conteh

Karess Dias

Gemma Mitchell

Judge Charlotte Wallace

Rabia Siddique

Sharna Booth

Aleisha Genoni

Sharan Gill

Kate Mincherton

Cassie Musulin

Georgia Pickering

Charmaine Tsang

Isabella Kelland

Helen Platell

Linda Tudori

Veenela Veerasamy

Monica Vu

Laura Willox

Belinda Wong

Marie Wong

Cally Hannah

Georgia Volk

Stephanie Tan

Funmi Adesina

Marion Buchanan

Justice Katrina Banks-Smith

Catherine Leach

Sara Pearson

Cav. Maria Saraceni

Kelsi Forrest

Kristina Gatti

Jessekah Forrest

Clair Halliday

Jessica Henderson

Alina McNess

Sana Pulappadi

Julianna Shearn

Menka Orellana

Laura Thurston

Kylie Truscott

Ann-Margaret Walsh

Anna Westphal

Catherine Wong

Nancy Zhao

Elisha Rayner

Shayla Straps

Katherine Bromfield

Cassandra Andrews

Monica Choi