Professional Development

Professional Development for Teachers and Other Professionals

The Francis Burt Law Education Programme is committed to delivering professional learning opportunities that are unique, worthwhile and meaningful for teachers and other professionals. 

The Francis Burt Law Education Programme aims to:

  • present two professional learning events every year;
  • hold events that are interactive and include contributions from various agencies and stakeholders; and
  • the events will be full-day or half-day workshops and/or online seminar packages

On Demand Professional Learning Package: Year 11-12 Politics and Law Teachers

Professional Learning Partner

Professional Development

An on demand professional learning package for Year 11-12 Politics and Law Teachers to access at their own convenience. The package is made up of three discrete presentations:

  • Should WA have a Human Rights Act?;
  • Legal Power vs Political Power; and
  • Making Legislation Happen – The Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2019 (WA).

Each presentation addresses Year 11 and/or 12 Politics and Law ATAR Course syllabus items, with an accompanying Powerpoint or similar for teachers to utilise and adapt for their own teaching purposes.

This package also includes PLEAWA Recommendations on how to incorporate the presentations/resources into a Year 11/12 PAL ATAR Course teaching programme.

Fee: $250 GST inc

Register and pay online 


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