Our Big Stories

Small Court House. Big Stories.

The very first custom built court house and the oldest building in the city of Perth holds a big history. It provides a fascinating insight into the social and legal history of Western Australia and the people whose legacy remains today. Our Big Stories are carefully researched and presented to the public by our museum curators. They provide compelling reading that draws us in to the characters involved as well as the political and social environment of the times. 

The Psychological Impact of Being Wrongfully Convicted: Interview with John Button – 2022

The First World War and Western Australia’s Young Lawyers – 2020

Edith Cowan’s Legacy of Social Justice in Western Australia – 2021

A Case to Answer: Juries and Jury Duty in Western Australia’s History -2022

Trial Notebooks of Chief Justice Archibald Paull Burt: Regina VS Cornelius Ahern, 1867 – 2022

The First Appearance of Wigs and Gowns in Western Australia – 2010

Small Court House, Big History – 2022

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