Cluedunnit Kids

Mission investigate; ask questions, have fun and get creative

Cluedunnit Kids provides a fun, unique and creative learning opportunity for Year 6, and Year 5/6, student teams to investigate a fictional criminal offence with the goal of identifying the prime suspect and eliminate the other suspects. 

A brief of evidence provides clues and students can then ask up to six questions to get further evidence to help them identify the prime suspect and eliminate the others. 

Each team then creates and submits their findings in a creative way of their choosing. Creative submission types range from electronic/digital formats (video interviews, video songs, video song with a choreographed dance , animations, Powerpoint presentations and video re-enactment) or a written format (pop-up book, board game, booklet, comic, poster).

Cluedunnit Kids provides an opportunity for students to apply the core Humanities and Social Sciences skills and addresses WA Curriculum General Capabilities.

Principal Partner

Cluedunnit Kids

Teacher Comments

"As our first time entering the competition the students love the idea of solving a crime. The teamwork and problem-solving and analytical skills were tested and developed. Engagement and enthusiasm were high."
"It’s fun as well as challenging. It links well to the year 6 curriculum providing a reason to investigate our system of law and order."
"Critical and creative thinking skill development. Ability to work as a group. Fun and motivating."


Belmont Local Court in New South Wales established the Law Week Clued up Kids Competition in 2009. In 2014 and 2015, the Francis Burt Law Education Programme worked with the New South Wales coordinator to establish a Western Australian competition.

In 2016, the Francis Burt Law Education Programme launched an independent Western Australian Law Week initiative named Cluedunnit Kids.

2024 Cluedunnit Kids

  • Cost: Free
  • Year Level: Year 6 or split 5/6 classes
  • Registrations: Online registration form
  • Brief of evidence posted: Wednesday, 14 February 2024
  • Submissions close: Friday, 31 May 2024

2024 Cluedunnit Kids Award Winners

Winning submission: Private Eye, Harrisdale Primary School

Runner-up winning submission: The Sound Squad, Frederick Irwin Anglican School 

Ambassador School Award: St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

Previous Cluedunnit Kids Award Winners

  • 2023: Harrisdale Primary School
  • 2022: Frederick Irwin Anglican School
  • 2021: Our Lady of Grace
  • 2020: Peter Moyes Anglican Community School
  • 2019: St Lawrence’s Primary School, Geraldton
  • 2018: Peter Moyes Anglican Community School and St Lawrence’s Primary School, Geraldton (Joint Winners)
  • 2017: St Brigid’s School, Collie
  • 2016: Wanneroo Primary School

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