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Advocacy and Law Reform

The Law Society advocates on a variety of issues affecting the legal profession and the wider community through submissions, advisory initiatives and campaigns.

Law Mutual (WA)

The Law Society of Western Australia, through Law Mutual (WA), arranges Professional Indemnity Insurance on behalf of WA legal practices and practitioners.

Francis Burt Law Education Programme

The Francis Burt Law Education Programme seeks to advance the community’s understanding of the law and our court system.

Law Access

Law Access coordinates the giving of pro bono legal assistance by the Western Australian legal profession. The service helps individuals in genuine need of legal assistance.

Media Centre

The Urgent Need for Criminal Courts in Western Australia

Tuesday, 20 April 2021 The Law Society of Western Australia has raised concerns with the State Attorney General about the shortage of courtrooms available for criminal trials, which is making the operation of the criminal justice system in this state almost unworkable. The Law Society calls on the McGowan Government to urgently commit to an […]

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Law Society of Western Australia

The Law Society Strongly Opposes Mandatory Sentencing

Monday, 18 January 2021   The Law Society of Western Australia is firmly opposed to mandatory sentencing in any form as there is no evidence that it works to deter criminal behaviour and is in fact more likely to result in harsh and disproportionate sentences. The Law Society’s opposition to mandatory sentencing is consistent with […]

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