How can a lawyer help me?

If you think you have a legal problem you may require a lawyer. It is always important to get the right advice from the right place. The following eight topic areas provide valuable information on the most frequently asked questions asked by members of the community. These include such things as when the most appropriate time is to go and see a lawyer and the kind of information you may need to know while engaging with the legal system in Western Australia.

What a Lawyer can do to help 

There are many tasks which a lawyer may assist with. This can range from receiving one-off legal advice on your available options, prepare or assist you with your documents, or representing you in court. 

There are differences between legal information, legal advice and getting representation. Lawyers can assist with any of these areas depending on their capacity and specialisations, however each incur their own costs and benefits. 

It is important for you to understand these differences to make sure you get appropriate and relevant assistance which meets your needs. 

Differences between a practising and non-practising lawyer 

A non-practising lawyer has completed a law degree but may not have completed the requirements to be admitted or may not hold a valid practising certificate. They are unable to provide legal advice under the law that governs the legal profession in Western Australia. 

A practising lawyer is a lawyer who has been admitted with approval from the legal practice board of Western Australia.  They hold a current and valid practising certificate and have met the requirements to be admitted including: 

  • Recognised academic qualifications;
  • Completion of Recognised Practical Legal Training (PLT); and
  • Be a fit and proper person. 

A practising lawyer is able to provide legal advice under the law. It is important to go to a practising lawyer for valid legal advice. The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia can confirm if a Practising Lawyer is admitted to practice law in Western Australia. 

Legal Information

Legal information is any information which is informative on legal issues and topics. It can be found through resources available on the internet, at public libraries, and through lectures and seminars. However legal information will not be specific to your circumstances and does not constitute legal advice. It may however, provide you with an understanding to the background to your matter. Most resources are available for free, but be wary of individuals who are not lawyers providing specific legal advice. 

Generally, lawyers do not provide advice online, however they may send correspondence online. The Law Society of Western Australia has produced this factsheet on unlawfully engaging in legal work. 

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) 

The primary place for the review of decisions made by Government agencies, public officials and local governments. is the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT). The SAT deals with a wide range of areas, including: Guardianship and Administration; Commercial Tenancy;  Strata Titles;  Equal Opportunity; Adoptions

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