Professional Standards Scheme Application for Exemption

Professional Standards Scheme Application for Exemption

The Australian Legal Practitioner of the law practice listed below (and the Incorporated Legal Practice if the law practice incorporated):

• is a member of the Law Society of Western Australia;
• is not an officer of a body corporate to which the Scheme applies;
• is not a partner of a Participating Member of the Scheme;
• is not not an employee of a Participating Member of the Scheme;

and seeks exemption from the Scheme pursuant to s30 of the Professional Standards Act 1997 (WA).

Alternatively, if you wish to retain the benefits of the Scheme, please complete a Participant Information Form.

Please complete the applicable fields below. (Submitting this application online is equivalent to signing the form.)

Legal Practice

Legal Practitioner seeking exemption and authorising an application for exemption to be made on their behalf


Details of Person Completing the Application

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Law Society Of Wa (Inc) Collection Notice

The Society collects the personal information contained in this form pursuant to the provisions of the Privacy Act, 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles. The information is collected by the Society to enable it to deal with the matters the subject of this form and to provide its services and benefits (and the benefits and services of the Law Council of Australia) to its members and the public. Those services and benefits are set out on the Society’s website ( If the information collected in this form is not provided, the Society may not be able to provide its services as effectively. Individuals who wish to access information held about them, who wish to make any complaints or who wish to obtain details about information which is disclosed by the Society to overseas recipients may do so by accessing the Privacy Collection Notice located on the Society’s website or may contact the Society’s Privacy Officer

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