Law Society’s Lore Law Project Awarded State Government Grant

Law Society’s Lore Law Project Awarded State Government Grant

Thursday, 24 January 2019

The Law Society of Western Australia welcomes today’s announcement that its Lore Law Project has been recognised by the State Government with a $200,000 grant, the maximum grant amount, from the Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program.

Lore Law aims to support a reduction in the high rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth contact with the WA justice system in the long-term through culturally robust strategies, which provide capacity building for young people and empower youth-led initiatives to address issues affecting them in their communities. It acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth often walk in two worlds and involves building and training a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Leadership Team to facilitate a Human Centred Design (HCD) process with high risk communities.

Law Society President Greg McIntyre SC said, “The Law Society is delighted to receive this grant for its Lore Law Project. From its inception, the Project has engaged with Aboriginal communities, young people and Elders, who have been central to its planning, development and implementation.

“The Lore Law Project provides an important conduit through which young Aboriginal people can voice matters of interest or concern to them. Stakeholders from the police, judiciary, legal profession and support services also have an opportunity to engage with Aboriginal communities in a two-way process.

“The Lore Law Project offers a ‘skills for life’ approach to create self-worth in young people, enabling them to make positive contributions to society, as they grow into adulthood and embark on pathways to employment.

“The Law Council of Australia’s recent Justice Project identified that vulnerable groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are suffering significant impediments to access to justice. This grant recognises the important work the Law Society is already undertaking to address those issues identified by the Justice Project, including the importance of targeted legal education and close engagement with disadvantaged members of our community.”

Criminal Property Confiscation grants are funded by money and property seized under the Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000. Local governments and not-for-profit groups can apply for grants to prevent or reduce drug-related crime, support victims of crime or to aid law enforcement.

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