Appointment of new Solicitor-General

Appointment of new Solicitor-General

“Dr Stephen P Donaghue QC is an eminently qualified barrister who will fulfil the role of the Solicitor-General of the Commonwealth with distinction,” said Stuart Clark AM, President of the Law Council of Australia.

“The Office of the Solicitor-General plays a vital role in assisting ministers and agencies to comply with the rule of law and to discharge their functions in accordance with the constraints of the law,” Mr Clark said.

“Frank, fearless and independent advice is critical to the proper operation of Government.

“The Law Council has every confidence in the ability of Dr Donaghue to provide the impartial advice that the position demands.

“He is well-renowned within the profession in the areas of constitutional and administrative law and has regularly appeared before the High Court.

“He has guided the Public Law Section of the Commercial Bar Association well as its Chair. His work with the Advisory Board of the Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies and the Australian Association of Constitutional Law has been exceptional.

“The Law Council has greatly appreciated Dr Donaghue’s endeavours on its Constitutional Law Committee and the Federal Litigation and Dispute Resolution Section.

He has served on the Victorian Bar’s Human Rights Committee and Continuing Professional Development Committee, and is a Senior Fellow in the Faculty of Law at the University of Melbourne.

“Dr Donaghue has been of great service to the Australian legal profession, the Victorian Bar and to the advancement of legal education.

“He is an outstanding choice to fill the role of the second law officer of Australia,” Mr Clark concluded.

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