Law Society welcomes State Government commitment to Armadale justice complex

Law Society welcomes State Government commitment to Armadale justice complex

The Law Society of Western Australia welcomes today’s announcement by the State Government that it will commit $86 million to building new court facilities in Armadale.

Law Society President Elizabeth Needham said, “The present courthouse at Armadale has been in need of an upgrade for many years. The Law Society has been concerned about overcrowding, unacceptably small courtrooms, insufficient meeting rooms and a troubling lack of privacy, security and parking. The State Government is therefore to be congratulated for their commitment to building the new complex.”

The Law Society understands that the new justice complex will see the number of courtrooms increased from two to five, with construction work due to begin around mid-2017.

The State Government has indicated that the new facilities will enable the appointment of additional Magistrates and court staff.

“The lack of judicial resources in Western Australia is an ongoing problem, often resulting in delayed trials,” Ms Needham said. “This can magnify the harm done to victims of crime, protracting their engagement with the justice system and delaying their vindication and closure.

“Many of those awaiting trial are in custody on remand. Those who are ultimately acquitted at trial may have been imprisoned for a significant period of time, despite being found not guilty.”

“For these reasons the comments of the Hon Michael Mischin, Attorney General regarding the appointment of new Magistrates are also very welcome.”

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